World Braille Day 2023: Theme, Quotes, Images Status

World Braille Day 2023 Theme, Quotes, HD Images, Messages, Greetings, Status, Poster, Wallpaper for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Update in Hindi | विश्व ब्रेल दिवस 4 जनवरी | World Braille Day History Activities significance Thoughts.

Every year on 4 January, the birth anniversary of Louis Braille is celebrated as World Braille Day. The inventor of the Braille script, Louis Braille was born on January 04, 1809, in France. Braille is a language used by visually impaired people to read and write.

World Braille Day is an international observance recognized by the United Nations to spread awareness regarding the importance of Braille as a means of communication for blind and partially sighted people. We have collated wishes, quotes, messages that you can share on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and ShareChat on World Braille Day and you can raise awareness about the same. 

World Braille Day 2023

Significance & Activities: World Braille Day was approved by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in his honor in 2019. World Braille Day was first observed on January 04, 2019. The day is observed to raise awareness about the importance of Braille as a means of communication in achieving human rights for the visually impaired and visually impaired.

World Braille Day 2023 Theme

The last year (2021) World Braille Day’s theme was “Even under normal circumstances, persons with disabilities—one billion people worldwide— are less likely to access health care, education, employment and to participate in the community”.

Quotes of Louis Braille

  • “Live without seeing, but be what you are”
  • “Braille is knowledge, and knowledge is power”
  • “We must be treated as equals – and communication is the way we can bring this about”
  • “Access to communication in the widest sense is access to knowledge, and that is vitally important for us if we are not to go on being despised or patronized by condescending sighted people”

World Braille Day Quotes

Let us raise awareness about the impact of loss of sight and how one should create campaigns that promote visually impaired people.

Every blind person should have the capability to pursue their dreams and follow their aspirations, Louis Braille has helped many achieve their dreams.

World Braille Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the birthday of Louis Braille. Louis Braille has invented the Braille language.

Braille was invented by French teenager Louis Braille to help himself and mankind. What an achievement!

Blind workers from Britain’s Royal National Institute translated the Bible into Braille, while a blind assistant read aloud in 1926! World Braille Day.

Louis Braille published the first BBBraille book in 1829 and he changed blind people learning.

Braille codes have provided equal access to all those who have many dreams to achieve and to those who dream to achieve.

Let’s remember Louis Braille and his outstanding discovery that has impacted several lives.

Let’s help visually impaired people understand Braille as a language so they can read and write and fulfil their dreams.

Do not be depressed due to blindness or visual, physical or reading disability. There is Braille! Happy World Braille Day.

World Braille Day Images Greetings Status

We honor Louis Braille’s contribution towards helping the blind read and write. Congratulations on World Braille Day.

Today is World Braille Day! Braille opens up many opportunities, promotes literacy and communication, and helps people build relationships.

On the occasion of World Braille Day, let us pay tribute to Louis Braille for helping the visually impaired with reading and writing. Warm wishes on World Braille Day.

Braille is not a language but a code which can be translated into many languages. Happy world Braille day.

Wishing a very Happy World Braille Day to everyone. Had Louis Braille not been there, the visually impaired would not have got the chance to read and write.

We welcome Braille Day because it is through the brain system that blind people have the opportunity to develop their way of life!

Louis Braille was only 15 when he created Braille code. Hats off to him. Happy World Braille Day.

Louis Braille’s unchallenged invention of a reading & writing system the blind has changed the world of a blind forever.

It is a blessing for us that we had someone like Louis Braille who invented Braille and changed this world for the better. Happy World Braille Day.

“Access to communication in the widest sense is access to knowledge, and that is vitally important for us if we are not to go on being despised or patronized by condescending sighted people”

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