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Ramadan Calendar 2022/ 1443: Date, Sehri and Iftar Timings, Prayer Time Table

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Ramadan 2022: Date, Sehri and Iftar Timings, Prayer Time Table, Significance and Fasting Rules | Ramadan Calendar – 2022 – Prayer Times and Adhan Player

Ramadan 2022

Ramadan is the most pious month for billions of Muslims across the world as they observe fast during this auspicious month. Ramzan will start from April 3 when the moon is sighted on Saturday. If the moon is not visible, the first fast will be on April 4. 

Muslims across the world are filled with the holy spirit of Ramadan, the ninth month of Islamic calendar, that takes place for 720 hours i.e. four weeks and two days during which the followers of Islam fast between dawn and sunset, pray for peace and guidance, give back to the community in the form of charity or zakaat or engaging in humanitarian activities such as feeding the underprivileged and introspect to enlighten their souls.

Ramadan Calendar 2022 is just around the corner and with it comes a bunch of new Sehri and Aftari timings. Here’s a guide to help you keep track of when each lunar month falls during Ramadan this year. You can see here Sehri and Aftari timing 2022 for India. Ramadan’s start date in India is on Sunday, 03 Apr 2022.

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Ramadan Prayer Times for 2023 / 1444 – Mumbai/ Delhi India

Ramazan or Ramzan, the word Ramadan is derived from the Arabic root ramida or ar-ramad, which means ‘scorching heat’ and it is one of the five pillars of Islam that include – Shahada (profession of faith), Salat (Prayer), Zakat (Almsgiving), Sawm (Fasting) and Hajj (Pilgrimage).

This year, Ramadan may begin in India from the evening of April 2 or 1 Ramadan 1443 AH with the first fast being observed on April 3, 2022, depending upon the sighting of the crescent moon. It will end on the evening of May 2, 2022 (dates will depend on moon sighting). 

01 Ramaḍān, 1444 (22 March, 2023)05:41 (IST)06:41 (IST)12:46 (IST)16:08 (IST)18:50 (IST)18:50 (IST)19:50 (IST)05:31 (IST)00:46 (IST)
02 Ramaḍān, 1444 (23 March, 2023)05:41 (IST)06:41 (IST)12:45 (IST)16:08 (IST)18:50 (IST)18:50 (IST)19:50 (IST)05:31 (IST)00:45 (IST)
03 Ramaḍān, 1444 (24 March, 2023)05:40 (IST)06:40 (IST)12:45 (IST)16:08 (IST)18:50 (IST)18:50 (IST)19:51 (IST)05:30 (IST)00:45 (IST)
04 Ramaḍān, 1444 (25 March, 2023)05:39 (IST)06:39 (IST)12:45 (IST)16:08 (IST)18:51 (IST)18:51 (IST)19:51 (IST)05:29 (IST)00:45 (IST)
05 Ramaḍān, 1444 (26 March, 2023)05:38 (IST)06:38 (IST)12:44 (IST)16:07 (IST)18:51 (IST)18:51 (IST)19:51 (IST)05:28 (IST)00:44 (IST)
06 Ramaḍān, 1444 (27 March, 2023)05:37 (IST)06:37 (IST)12:44 (IST)16:07 (IST)18:51 (IST)18:51 (IST)19:51 (IST)05:27 (IST)00:44 (IST)
07 Ramaḍān, 1444 (28 March, 2023)05:36 (IST)06:36 (IST)12:44 (IST)16:07 (IST)18:51 (IST)18:51 (IST)19:52 (IST)05:26 (IST)00:44 (IST)
08 Ramaḍān, 1444 (29 March, 2023)05:35 (IST)06:35 (IST)12:43 (IST)16:06 (IST)18:52 (IST)18:52 (IST)19:52 (IST)05:25 (IST)00:44 (IST)
09 Ramaḍān, 1444 (30 March, 2023)05:34 (IST)06:35 (IST)12:43 (IST)16:06 (IST)18:52 (IST)18:52 (IST)19:52 (IST)05:24 (IST)00:43 (IST)
10 Ramaḍān, 1444 (31 March, 2023)05:33 (IST)06:34 (IST)12:43 (IST)16:05 (IST)18:52 (IST)18:52 (IST)19:53 (IST)05:23 (IST)00:43 (IST)
11 Ramaḍān, 1444 (01 April, 2023)05:33 (IST)06:33 (IST)12:42 (IST)16:05 (IST)18:52 (IST)18:52 (IST)19:53 (IST)05:23 (IST)00:43 (IST)
12 Ramaḍān, 1444 (02 April, 2023)05:32 (IST)06:32 (IST)12:42 (IST)16:05 (IST)18:53 (IST)18:53 (IST)19:53 (IST)05:22 (IST)00:42 (IST)
13 Ramaḍān, 1444 (03 April, 2023)05:31 (IST)06:31 (IST)12:42 (IST)16:04 (IST)18:53 (IST)18:53 (IST)19:53 (IST)05:21 (IST)00:42 (IST)
14 Ramaḍān, 1444 (04 April, 2023)05:30 (IST)06:30 (IST)12:42 (IST)16:04 (IST)18:53 (IST)18:53 (IST)19:54 (IST)05:20 (IST)00:42 (IST)
15 Ramaḍān, 1444 (05 April, 2023)05:29 (IST)06:30 (IST)12:41 (IST)16:03 (IST)18:53 (IST)18:53 (IST)19:54 (IST)05:19 (IST)00:41 (IST)
16 Ramaḍān, 1444 (06 April, 2023)05:28 (IST)06:29 (IST)12:41 (IST)16:03 (IST)18:54 (IST)18:54 (IST)19:54 (IST)05:18 (IST)00:41 (IST)
17 Ramaḍān, 1444 (07 April, 2023)05:27 (IST)06:28 (IST)12:41 (IST)16:03 (IST)18:54 (IST)18:54 (IST)19:55 (IST)05:17 (IST)00:41 (IST)
18 Ramaḍān, 1444 (08 April, 2023)05:26 (IST)06:27 (IST)12:40 (IST)16:02 (IST)18:54 (IST)18:54 (IST)19:55 (IST)05:16 (IST)00:41 (IST)
19 Ramaḍān, 1444 (09 April, 2023)05:25 (IST)06:26 (IST)12:40 (IST)16:02 (IST)18:54 (IST)18:54 (IST)19:55 (IST)05:15 (IST)00:40 (IST)
20 Ramaḍān, 1444 (10 April, 2023)05:24 (IST)06:26 (IST)12:40 (IST)16:01 (IST)18:55 (IST)18:55 (IST)19:56 (IST)05:14 (IST)00:40 (IST)
21 Ramaḍān, 1444 (11 April, 2023)05:24 (IST)06:25 (IST)12:40 (IST)16:01 (IST)18:55 (IST)18:55 (IST)19:56 (IST)05:14 (IST)00:40 (IST)
22 Ramaḍān, 1444 (12 April, 2023)05:23 (IST)06:24 (IST)12:39 (IST)16:00 (IST)18:55 (IST)18:55 (IST)19:56 (IST)05:13 (IST)00:40 (IST)
23 Ramaḍān, 1444 (13 April, 2023)05:22 (IST)06:23 (IST)12:39 (IST)16:00 (IST)18:55 (IST)18:55 (IST)19:57 (IST)05:12 (IST)00:39 (IST)
24 Ramaḍān, 1444 (14 April, 2023)05:21 (IST)06:22 (IST)12:39 (IST)15:59 (IST)18:56 (IST)18:56 (IST)19:57 (IST)05:11 (IST)00:39 (IST)
25 Ramaḍān, 1444 (15 April, 2023)05:20 (IST)06:22 (IST)12:39 (IST)15:59 (IST)18:56 (IST)18:56 (IST)19:58 (IST)05:10 (IST)00:39 (IST)
26 Ramaḍān, 1444 (16 April, 2023)05:19 (IST)06:21 (IST)12:38 (IST)15:59 (IST)18:56 (IST)18:56 (IST)19:58 (IST)05:09 (IST)00:39 (IST)
27 Ramaḍān, 1444 (17 April, 2023)05:18 (IST)06:20 (IST)12:38 (IST)15:58 (IST)18:56 (IST)18:56 (IST)19:58 (IST)05:08 (IST)00:38 (IST)
28 Ramaḍān, 1444 (18 April, 2023)05:18 (IST)06:19 (IST)12:38 (IST)15:58 (IST)18:57 (IST)18:57 (IST)19:59 (IST)05:08 (IST)00:38 (IST)
29 Ramaḍān, 1444 (19 April, 2023)05:17 (IST)06:19 (IST)12:38 (IST)15:57 (IST)18:57 (IST)18:57 (IST)19:59 (IST)05:07 (IST)00:38 (IST)
30 Ramaḍān, 1444 (20 April, 2023)05:16 (IST)06:18 (IST)12:38 (IST)15:57 (IST)18:57 (IST)18:57 (IST)19:59 (IST)05:06 (IST)00:38 (IST)

The timings of Sehri and Iftar on April 2 in different Indian cities are as follows:

  • Hyderabad 04:57am (S), 06:29pm (I)
  • Delhi 04:51am (S), 06:40pm (I)
  • Ahmedabad 05:16am (S), 06:56pm (I)
  • Surat 05:17am (S), 06:54pm (I)
  • Mumbai 05:18am (S), 06:53pm (I)
  • Pune 05:15am (S), 06:48pm (I)
  • Bangalore 05:04am (S), 06:31pm (I)
  • Chennai 04:54am (S), 06:21pm (I)
  • Kolkata 04:13am (S), 05:52pm (I)
  • Kanpur 04:41am(S), 06:26pm (I)

Dates for Ramadan

HolidayDateDays to Go
Ramadan 2021Tuesday, April 13, 2021-353
Ramadan 2022Sunday, April 03, 20222
Ramadan 2023Thursday, March 23, 2023356
Ramadan 2024Monday, March 11, 2024710
Ramadan 2025Saturday, March 01, 20251065
Ramadan 2026Wednesday, February 18, 20261419
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