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Projapati Box Office Collection: Day 42, 43 Occupancy Report

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Projapati 42nd, 43rd Day Box Office Collection (Projapati Fortieth-second Day Collection) | Projapati Day 42, 43 Box Office Collection | Projapati Opening, Weekend Box Office Earning Report.

Projapati Box Office Collection

Projapati is a Bengali movie released on 23 Dec, 2022. The movie is directed by Avijit Sen and featured Mithun Chakraborty, Dev Adhikari, Mamata Shankar and Kharaj Mukherjee as lead characters.

Projapati may earn 0.06 Cr India net on its forty-second day.

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We will provide a complete update of Projapati Box Office Income Report Day Wise 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 1st, 2nd, and Till Now Total Collection, Projapati Movie Budget, advance booking, & total screen count.

Projapati Day 42 Box Office Report: Summary

Name of MovieProjapati (2022)
Release Dates23 Dec, 2022 (India)
CastMithun Chakraborty, Koushani Mukherjee, Biswanath Basu
DirectorAvijit Sen
Running time2h 22m
GenresDrama, Family
RatingU (India)

Plot: Gaur Chakraborty, a retired widower of 65 years, lives alone since his son Joy, a self-employed wedding designer, has a very busy schedule. He wants Joy to get hitched. Will he be prosperous?

Projapati 42 Days Box Office Collection – Day Wise

Projapati Day 1 Collection [1st Friday]₹ 0.15 Cr
Projapati Day 2 Collection [1st Saturday]₹ 0.25 Cr
Projapati Day 3 Collection [1st Sunday]₹ 0.60 Cr
Projapati Day 4 Collection [1st Monday]₹ 0.35 Cr
Projapati Day 5 Collection [1st Tuesday]₹ 0.27 Cr
Projapati Day 6 Collection [1st Wednesday]₹ 0.3 Cr
Projapati Day 7 Collection [1st Thursday]₹ 0.35 Cr
Projapati Week 1 Collection₹ 2.27 Cr
Projapati Day 8 Collection [2nd Friday]₹ 0.35 Cr
Projapati Day 9 Collection [2nd Saturday]₹ 0.6 Cr
Projapati Day 10 Collection [2nd Sunday]₹ 0.9 Cr
Projapati Day 11 Collection [2nd Monday]₹ 0.3 Cr
Projapati Day 12 Collection [2nd Tuesday]₹ 0.22 Cr
Projapati Day 13 Collection [2nd Wednesday]₹ 0.2 Cr
Projapati Day 14 Collection [2nd Thursday]₹ 0.19 Cr
Projapati Week 2 Collection₹ 2.76 Cr
Projapati Day 15 Collection [3rd Friday]₹ 0.2 Cr
Projapati Day 16 Collection [3rd Saturday]₹ 0.35 Cr
Projapati Day 17 Collection [3rd Sunday]₹ 0.55 Cr
Projapati Day 18 Collection [3rd Monday]₹ 0.15 Cr
Projapati Day 19 Collection [3rd Tuesday]₹ 0.13 Cr
Projapati Day 20 Collection [3rd Wednesday]₹ 0.1 Cr
Projapati Day 21 Collection [3rd Thursday]₹ 0.2 Cr
Projapati Week 3 Collection₹ 1.68 Cr
Projapati Day 22 Collection [4th Friday]₹ 0.13 Cr
Projapati Day 23 Collection [4th Saturday]₹ 0.15 Cr
Projapati Day 24 Collection [4th Sunday]₹ 0.18 Cr
Projapati Day 25 Collection [4th Monday]₹ 0.14 Cr
Projapati Day 26 Collection [4th Tuesday]₹ 0.13 Cr
Projapati Day 27 Collection [4th Wednesday]₹ 0.14 Cr
Projapati Day 28 Collection [4th Thursday]₹ 0.13 Cr
Projapati Week 4 Collection₹ 1.22 Cr
Projapati Day 29 Collection [5th Friday]₹ 0.15 Cr * rough data
Projapati Day 30 Collection [5th Saturday]₹ 0.13 Cr * rough data
Projapati Day 31 Collection [5th Sunday]₹ 0.24 Cr * rough data
Projapati Day 32 Collection [5th Monday]₹ 0.15 Cr * rough data
Projapati Day 33 Collection [5th Tuesday]₹ 0.11 Cr * rough data
Projapati Day 34 Collection [5th Wednesday]₹ 0.05 Cr * rough data
Projapati Day 35 Collection [5th Thursday]₹ 0.11 Cr * rough data
Projapati Week 5 Collection₹ 0.94 Cr
Projapati Day 36 Collection [6th Friday]₹ 0.06 Cr * rough data
Projapati Day 37 Collection [6th Saturday]₹ 0.08 Cr * rough data
Projapati Day 38 Collection [6th Sunday]₹ 0.09 Cr * may earn
Projapati Day 39 Collection [6th Monday]₹ 0.06 Cr * rough data
Projapati Day 40 Collection [6th Tuesday]₹ 0.05 Cr * rough data
Projapati Week 6 Collection
Projapati Day 41 Collection [7th Wednesday]₹ 0.06 Cr * rough data
Projapati Day 42 Collection [7th Thursday]₹ 0.06 Cr * may earn
Total₹ 9.46 Cr

Projapati Total Box Office Collection Report: India/World Wide Gross

Overseas Collection₹ – Cr
India Gross Collection₹ 9.51 Cr
India Net Collection₹ 9.4 Cr
Worldwide Collection₹ 9.51 Cr

Projapati 41 Days Occupancy in Theaters

Projapati had an overall 49.61% Bengali Occupancy on Wednesday, February 01, 2023.

Here are the Day-wise Occupancy reports:

1st Day21.12%
2nd Day32.00%
3rd Day71.21%
4th Day33.50%
12th Day19.84%
13th Day17.98%
14th Day18.29%
15th Day11.74%
16th Day22.20%
17th Day34.98%
18th Day11.81%
19th Day11.10%
20th Day14.66%
21st Day31.61%
22nd Day21.45%
23rd Day21.45%
24th Day33.81%
25th Day28.14%
26th Day19.95%
27th Day21.77%
28th Day21.25%
29th Day35.43%
30th Day23.87%
31st Day35.75%
32nd Day30.49%
33rd Day22.21%
34th Day38.97%
37th Day57.70%
38th Day57.63%
39th Day48.61%
40th Day44.71%
41th Day49.61%

Projapati Day 41 Occupancy in Theaters Show Wise

Morning Shows24.67%
Afternoon Shows52.07%
Evening Shows48.36%
Night Shows73.33%
Over All49.61%

Projapati Day 41 Bengali (2D) Occupancy in main regions


Projapati Total Screen

Projapati Movie is running on 150+ screens approx on the first day. The screening list is given below:

Worldwide Total-+

Disclaimer: The box office figures are compiled from various sources and our own research. The figures can be approximate and policeresults.com does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However, they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film(s).

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