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PM Kisan FPO Yojana 2023: Apply Online, Kisan Registration, Eligibility & Benefits

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Short Brief: अप्लाई ऑनलाइन पीएम किसान एफपीओ योजना 2023 एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म, लाभार्थी लिस्ट आवेदन करें ऑनलाइन रजिस्ट्रेशन  – [Apply Online] Pradhanmantri PM Kisan FPO Yojana 2023 [State Wise] – Online Registration, Application Form, Eligibility, Features, Benefits and Check Online Application Status at Official Website http://sfacindia.com/.

Short Scheme Details
Name of Scheme: PM Kisan FPO Yojana

Application Status: Active

Scheme Benefit: Provide Financial Support

Table of Content

PM Kisan FPO Yojana 2023: किसान एफपीओ योजना ऑनलाइन रजिस्ट्रेशन | एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म

Latest Updates News 

  • केंद्र सरकार द्वारा किसानों को ध्यान में रखते हुए PM Kisan FPO Yojana की शुरुआत की गई है।
  • इस योजना से किसानों ( Farmers Scheme ) को काफी फायदा मिल सकता है। कृषि क्षेत्र को आगे बढ़ाने के लिए केंद्र सरकार ( Central Government ) इस योजना के तहत 4,496 करोड़ रुपए खर्च करने जा रही है।
  • केंद्र सरकार किसानों के इन ग्रुप को 15-15 लाख रुपये की आर्थिक सहायता देगी।
  • इसी को ध्यान में रखते हुए PM Kisan FPO Yojana की शुरुआत की गई है। इस योजना के तहत देश में 10,000 FPO खोले जा रहे हैं।
  • PM Kisan FPO Yojana के तहत वही सारे फायदे दिए जाएंगे जो एक कंपनी को मिलते हैं।
  • FPO यानि किसान उत्पादक संगठन या फार्मर प्रोड्यूसर्स ऑर्गनाइजेशन, जो किसानों के ग्रुप से बनता है।

Pradhanmantri Kisan Tractor Yojana

PM Kisan FPO Yojana 2023 Apply Online

केंद्रीय कृषि और किसान कल्याण मंत्री श्री नरेंद्र सिंह तोमर ने ग्रामीण अर्थव्यवस्था को बढ़ावा देने के लिए सरकार द्वारा की गई हालिया पहलों पर विचार-विमर्श करने के लिए आज वीडियो कांफ्रेंसिंग के माध्यम से राज्यों के साथ बैठक की।

केंद्रीय कृषि और किसान कल्याण मंत्री ने 10,000 किसान उत्पादक संगठनों (एफपीओ) के गठन और संवर्धन के लिए नए परिचालन दिशानिर्देशों पर एक पुस्तिका जारी की। राज्यों के साथ बातचीत के दौरान प्रमुख कार्यान्वयन मुद्दों पर चर्चा की गई।

PM Kisan FPO Yojana has been started by the central government keeping farmers in mind. Farmers Scheme can benefit greatly from this scheme. The Central Government is going to spend Rs 4,496 crore under this scheme to further the agricultural sector.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch 10,000 Farmers Producer Organisations (FPOs) all over the country, on 29 February, in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh.

All Candidates who are willing to apply online application then download official notification and read all eligibility criteria and application process carefully. We will provide short information about “PM Kisan FPO Yojana 2023” like Scheme Benefit, Eligibility Criteria, Key Features of Scheme, Application Status, Application process and more.

PM Kisan FPO Yojana 2023 – Overview
Name of Scheme PM Kisan FPO Yojana
in Language पीएम किसान एफपीओ योजना
Name of Organisation Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO)
Launched & Promoted by Government of India
Beneficiaries Farmer of India
Major Benefit Provide Financial Support
Scheme Objective Help to Farmers
Scheme under Central & State Government
Name of State All India
Post Category Scheme/ Yojana
Official Website http://sfacindia.com/
Important Links
Event Links
Apply Online Registration Login
PFO Scheme Guidelines Click Here
PM Kisan FPO Yojana 2023 Official Website

What are FPOs?

It is a Producer Organisation (PO) where the members are farmers. Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) is providing support for the promotion of FPOs.

Under this scheme, 300 farmers will have to be formed to work in the plains. There should be an organization of 100 farmers in the hilly areas. For this, at least 11 farmers will have to get organized and form their own agricultural company or organization.

The government has launched a new dedicated Central Sector Scheme titled “Formation and Promotion of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)” with a clear strategy and committed resources to form and promote 10,000 new FPOs.

  • FPOs help in the collectivization of such small, marginal and landless farmers in order to give them the collective strength to deal with such issues.
  • Members of the FPO will manage their activities together in the organization to get better access to technology, input, finance and market for faster enhancement of their income.

This way farmers will get Rs 15 lakh : ऐसे मिलेंगे किसानों को 15-15 लाख रुपए

The central government will provide financial assistance of Rs 15 lakh to these organizations or groups. These organizations of the farmers of the country will get the same benefits that any one company gets. 10,000 new farmers producer organizations will be formed in the country which will be registered under the Companies Act. The central government will provide assistance of Rs.15 lakh after looking at the work of the organization. The entire amount of this assistance will be received in three years.

New* PM Kisan Samman Nidhi List 2023

SFAC Scheme for Promotion of FPO

To support farmers in various aspects ranging from input procurement to market linkages, Government of India through Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC), a registered society under Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Government of India, is promoting Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) by mobilizing the farmers and helping them in registering as companies.

Support for Promotion of FPOs

The formation of FPOs will be supported by the Central and State Governments and their agencies, through various state-funded schemes and sponsors in the agriculture sector. This target will be achieved by creating a partnership with the concerned promoter body, research organisations, civil society institutions, consultants, private sector and any other entity which can contribute to the development of strong and viable FPOs.

FPO Promotion and Development Process

The list of the process involved under the promotion and development of FPO are given below:

  • Cluster Identification
  • Diagnostic Study
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Baseline assessment
  • Business Planning
  • Mobilisation of farmers
  • Organising and formalising
  • Resource mobilization
  • Systems development
  • Business operations
  • Assessment and audit

Apply Online : PM Kisan Registration Process

पीएम किसान FPO योजना में आवेदन कैसे करें ?
Like every scheme, it will be necessary to apply to take benefit from this scheme. However, no official information has been issued to apply online or offline. As soon as its information comes, we will give you information about it. Any farmer of the country can avail this scheme.

Step to Apply Online PM Kisan FPO Yojana Application Form 2023

Step 1- Visit the Official Website PM Kisan FPO Yojana – Kisan Registration  i.e. https://www.pmkisan.gov.in/

Step 2- After successfully going to any website, you will see ” Farmer’s Corner” menu wise here and you have to click on it.

Step 3- Now you will see a link to do new ”  farmer registration ” here, click on it.

Step 4- Here you have to enter your Aadhaar number.

Step 5- After this, an application form will open in front of you.

Step 6- Below you have to fill captcha code and click on submit button.

Step 7- In this, some basic information will be asked from you, you have to fill that information here.

Step 8- Your Name Mobile Number Your Full Address

Step 9- After that, fill the complete details of your land and submit the application.

Step 10 – In this way you can successfully do your Kisan Registration

After this, you can check the online status of your Kisan Registration .

PM Kisan Nidhi Correction

Important Document for Kisan registration

Required Document to Apply Online

  • To take advantage of this Yojana, you should have the details of all the land.
  • Copy of identity proof such as Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID, driving license, etc.
  • Copy of address proof document like Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID, driving license. Applicant to be valid with proof
  • Must have a current address of.
  • Land Documents
  • Ground measles
  • Land copy
  • Passport size photo of the applicant.

PM Kisan FPO Yojana Eligibility Criteria

Terms and conditions for taking funds from the government by creating pm kisan fpo

Category Details 
मैदान क्षेत्रों में कृषि संगठन की शर्तें ? If a group of farmers is working in the field, then they have to form a group of at least 300 farmers.

If farmers make 10 board members, then there should be at least 30 farmers groups on one board member.

पहाड़ी इलाकों में किसानो की शर्तें ?
For the hilly region, it is necessary to have at least 100 farmers associated with Pm Kisan FPO Yojana .

Only then they will be given the benefit of the company

FPO Guidelines

The following are the eligibility criteria for the farmer-producer organization:

  • Any FPOs already registered under the Companies Act or various central and state cooperative society laws is eligible for the FPO scheme.
  • The FPOs should be registered and administered by farmers, and also the organisation should be focused on activities related to agriculture and allied sectors.

Kisan Rath Mobile App

PM Kisan FPO Yojana Major Benefits

Beneficiary Benefits : पीएम किसान FPO योजना के फायदे

  • It is a registered body and a legal entity.
  • Producers are shareholders in the organization.
  • It works for the benefit of the member producers.
  • Under Pm Kisan FPO Yojana, there will be a group of small and marginal farmers.
  • Farmers belonging to this group will not only get market for their produce, but it will be easy to buy fertilizer, seeds, medicines and agricultural equipment etc.
  • At the same time, freedom from middlemen will be released. In the FPO system, the farmer gets good prices for his produce.
  • According to experts, under Pm Kisan FPO Yojana, at least 11 farmers can get organized and form their own agricultural company or organization.
  • The central government will give 15 lakh rupees in three years after seeing the work of the company.
  • For this, if the organization is working in the field, then at least 300 farmers should be associated with it.

PM Kisan FPO Yojana benefits farmers

Farmer FPO will be such a group of small and marginal farmers, with which the farmers associated with it will not only get market for their produce but also will be very easy to suppress edible seeds and purchase agricultural equipment etc. Farmers will get this service very cheap and the work of farmers middlemen will also end, under the FPO system, farmers get good prices for their production!

Jai Kisan Fasal Rin Mafi Yojana

Key Features of PM Kisan FPO Yojana

Scheme Feature

  • Pm Kisan FPO Yojana means Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) i.e. a group of farmers who are registered under the Companies Act and carry on agricultural productive work. The central government will provide financial assistance of Rs 15 lakh to these groups of farmers.
  • Under PM Kisan FPO Yojana, all the same benefits will be given to a company, but this organization will be completely different from the cooperative politics, that is, the company will not have a cooperative act.
  • 10,000 new producer organizations will be formed, after the government’s approval, 10,000 new farmer producing organizations will be formed across the country. Its registration will be in the Companies Act itself, so it will get all the same benefits that a company gets.
  • At the same time, their number will be 100 in the mountainous region. NABARD Consultancy Services will evaluate your company by looking at its work. Apart from this, many more conditions have been laid.
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  1. This project is good and useful for small farmers in our country. The source of income for farmers will be increased gradually. Therefore, people should be educated at village level by district administration.

  2. Sir, we are from raichur district. In raichur block we organised 800 formers and already collected share amiunted 1000/-.but, here, support not avail by nabard or govt agency. What will we do.Now we are facing problom to register our own fpo.


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