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Minimum Support Price 2022-23: MSP Login, New धान, गेंहूँ MSP Price List, Niyuntam Samarthan Mulye

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Short Info: [Apply Online] Minimum Support Price (MSP) 2022-23 in Hindi: New List, Niyuntam Samarthan Mulye Login, Features, Benefits at Official Website dfpd.gov.in. धान, गेंहूँ का न्यूनतम समर्थन मूल्य 2022-23.

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Minimum Support Price 2022-23 [email protected]

Summary: For the benefit of the farmers, the system of Minimum Support Price (MSP) is going on for years. The central government fixes a minimum price for the crops. This is called MSP. Suppose even if the price of crops falls according to the market, even then the central government buys crops from the farmers at this MSP only so that the farmers can be saved from loss. MSP is an integral part of the Agricultural Price Policy and aims to ensure support prices to farmers and affordable prices to consumers.

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We will provide short information about “Minimum Support Price 2022” like Article Benefit, Price List, Key Features of Article, Objectives, and more.

Minimum Support Price 2022 – Overview

Name of ArticleMinimum Support Price (MSP)
Launched by Central Government of India
Beneficiaries Farmers of country
Major BenefitIncreasing the income of the farmers.
Article ObjectiveProviding farmers the right price for the crop
Article underCentral Government
Name of StateAll India
Post CategoryArticle
Official Websitedfpd.gov.in

Minimum Support Price News Update

Latest News Update:

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its approval to increase the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for all Rabi crops for Rabi Marketing Season (RMS) 2022-23.

  • The Union Cabinet has approved to increase the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Rabi crops with respect to the marketing season 2022-23.
  • The increase in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) is aimed at promoting diversification of crops followed by Wheat, Rapeseed and Mustard.
  • In the case of flowers of lentils, gram, barley and safflower, the farmers are expected to get the maximum price as compared to their cost of production.
  • Minimum support price has been fixed in favor of oilseeds, pulses and coarse cereals.
  • The increase will ensure remunerative prices for the farmers

Minimum Support Price Login Process

Minimum Support Price is the minimum price for any crop that the government provides to the farmers. The crop cannot be bought by the government at a price less than this price. The crop is procured by the government at the lowest price. At present, the Minimum Support Price on 23 crops is paid by the Central Government. In which 7 cereals (Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Bajra, Jowar Ragi and Barley), 5 Pulses (Chana, Arhar, Urad, Moong and Lentil), 7 Oilseeds (Rapeseed-Mustard, Groundnut, Soyabean, Sunflower, Sesame, Safflower Nigerseed) and 4 commercial crops (cotton, sugarcane, copra and raw jute).

All Eligible Applicants who want to apply to this article then read all instructions carefully and follow the given below steps to apply online application form:

Procedure to MSP Login

Step 1- Visit the Official Website of Minimum Support Price i.e. dfpd.gov.in.

Step 2- On the Homepage, Cclick on the login option on the official website

Step 3- The Login page will be displayed on the screen.

Step 4- Now State Nodal Officer enter your state and password and click on login option

Minimum Support Price (New List) 2022

Minimum Support Price (MSP) is the rate at which the government buys crops from farmers and it is at least one and a half times the cost of production of the farmers. The ‘Minimum Support Price’ is that ‘minimum price’ for any crop, which the government considers beneficial for the farmers and therefore ‘supports’ the farmers through it.

Minimum Support Price for Agricultural Crops During the Rabi Marketing Season 2022-23, the approved MSP for Rabi crops is 1.5 times higher or equal to the cost of production. The highest return to the farmers on their cost of production is Wheat (100 percent) and Rapeseed / Mustard (Mustard). 100 percent) followed by lentils (79 percent) and gram (74 percent) and then barley (60 percent) and safflower (50 percent).

न्यूनतम समर्थन मूल्य क्या होता है (What is Minimum support price)

न्यूनतम सर्मथन मूल्य यानी मिनिमम सपोर्ट प्राइस या एमएसपी किसानों की फसल की सरकार द्वारा तय कीमत होती है. एमएसपी के आधार पर ही सरकार किसानों से उनकी फसल खरीदती है. राशन सिस्टम के तहत जरूरतमंद लोगों को अनाज मुहैया कराने के लिए इस एमएसपी पर सरकार किसानों से उनकी फसल खरीदती है.

बाजार में उस फसल के रेट भले ही कितने ही कम क्यों न हो, सरकार उसे तय एमएसपी पर ही खरीदेगी. इससे किसानों को अपनी फसल की एक तय कीमत के बारे में पता चल जाता है कि उसकी फसल के दाम कितने चल रहे हैं.

Minimum Support Price for all Rabi crops for the marketing season 2022-23 (in Rs/quintal)

CropMSP for RMS 2021-22 MSP for RMS 2022-23 Production cost * 2022 – 23Increase in MSP (Entire)ROI (in percentage)
lentils ( lentils )51005500307940079
Canola and Mustard465050502523400100
safflower flowers53275441362711450

Crops covered under Minimum Support Price

  • अनाज
    • धान
    • गेहूं
    • मक्का
    • बाजरा
    • ज्वार
    • रागी
    • जौ
  • दाले
    • चना
    • अरहर
    • उड़द
    • मूंग
    • मसूर)
  • तिलहन
    • रेपसीड-सरसों
    • मूंगफली
    • सोयाबीन
    • सूरजमुखी
    • तिल
    • कुसुम
    • नाइजरसीड्)
  • व्यवसायिक फसल
    • कपास
    • गन्ना
    • खोपरा
    • कच्चा जूट

Minimum Support Price provided by the government

खरीफ क्रॉप     
Grade ‘A’103011101280134514001450151015901770183518881960
बाजरा 8809801175125012501275133014251950200021502250
मेज 8809801175131013101325136514251700176018501870
रागी 96510501500150015501650172519002897315032953377
अरहर 300032003850430043504625^5050^^5450^5675580060006300
मूंग 317035004400450046004850^5225^^5575^6975705071967275
उरद 290033004300430043504625^5000^^5400^5600570060006300
कॉटनMedium Staple250028003600370037503800386040205150525555155726
Long Staple300033003900400040504100416043205450555058256025
मूंगफली 2300270037004000400040304220*4450^4890509052755550
सनफ्लावर सीड 2350280037003700375038003950*4100*5388565058856015
सोयाबीनBlack14001650220025002500             –             –             –             –             –             –             –
नाइजर सीड2450290035003500360036503825*4050*5877594066956930
राबी क्रॉप     
गेहूं 112012851350140014501525162517351840192519752015
रेपसीड एंड मस्टर्ड1850250030003050310033503700*4000*4200442546505050
टोरिया17802425297030203020329035603900419044254650             –
अन्य क्रॉप     
(Calender Year)Ball47004775535055005500583062406785775099201030010600
डी हस्क्ड कोकोनट 120012001400142514251500160017602030257127002800
जूट 157516752200230024002700320035003700395042254500

Objectives of Minimum Support Price 2022

Minimum Support Price has been started with the aim of getting the farmers the right price for their crops. A minimum price is fixed by the government for about 25 crops. The price below which the crop cannot be bought. 

Benefits and Features of Minimum Support Price MSP

  • Minimum Support Price is the minimum price for any crop that the government provides to the farmers.
  • In the 60s, the government first started MSP on wheat to save from the shortage of food so that the government could buy wheat from farmers and distribute it to the poor under its PDS scheme.
  • The crop is procured by the government at the lowest price. At present, the Minimum Support Price on 23 crops is paid by the Central Government.
  • In which 7 cereals, 5 pulses, 7 oilseeds and 4 commercial crops are included.
  • The government has increased the MSP of Rabi crops for RMS 2022-23 , so that farmers can get remunerative price for their produce.
  • At least 50% return on cost of production is ensured for the farmers through MSP.
  • Apart from this, farmers are free to sell their crops to non-government parties if they get favorable conditions to sell their produce or get a better price than the MSP.

Helpline Number & Contact Address

Department of Food and Public Distribution
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and
Public Distribution Department of Food and Public Distribution
Krishi Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110001.


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