Love Today Day 28 Box Office Collection: Day 28, 29 Occupancy Report

Love Today 28th, 29th Day Box Office Collection (Love Today Twenty-eighth, Twenty-ninth Day Collection) | Love Today Day 28, 29 Box Office Collection | Love Today Opening, Weekend Box Office Earning Report.

Love Today Box Office Collection

Love Today is a romantic comedy-drama movie in the Tamil language that was written and directed by Pradeep Ranganathan, well known for his work on Comali. It was also produced by Kalapathi S. Aghoram under the auspices of AGS Entertainment. Ivana, Raveena Ravi, Pradeep Ranganathan (in his acting debut), and Pradeep Ranganathan all play key parts in the movie. Yuvan Shankar Raja created the film’s soundtrack and music, while Dinesh Purushothaman filmed the movie and Pradeep E. Ragav edited it. Here is Love Today’s 27th-day box office collection and Occupancy.

Love Today earned 1.00 Cr India net on its twenty-eighth day for all languages (early estimates).

We will provide a complete update of Love Today Box Office Income Report Day Wise 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 1st, 2nd and Till Now Total Collection, Love Today Movie Budget, advance booking, & total screen count.

Love Today Day 28 Box Office Report: Summary

Name of MovieLove Today லவ் டுடே (2022)
Release Dates04 Nov 2022 (India)
CastIvana, Pradeep Ranganathan
DirectorPradeep Ranganathan
Running time2 hrs 34 mins
GenresDrama, Romance
RatingU/A (India)

Love Today 28 Days Box Office Collection – Day Wise

Love Today Day 1 Collection [1st Friday]₹ 2.45 Cr
Love Today Day 2 Collection [1st Saturday]₹ 4.1 Cr
Love Today Day 3 Collection [1st Sunday]₹ 5.05 Cr
Love Today Day 4 Collection [1st Monday]₹ 2.58 Cr
Love Today Day 5 Collection [1st Tuesday]₹ 2.85 Cr
Love Today Day 6 Collection [1st Wednesday]₹ 2.52 Cr
Love Today Day 7 Collection [1st Thursday]₹ 2.14 Cr
Love Today Week 1 Collection₹ 21.69 Cr
Love Today Day 8 Collection [2nd Friday]₹ 2.44 Cr
Love Today Day 9 Collection [2nd Saturday]₹ 5.2 Cr
Love Today Day 10 Collection [2nd Sunday]₹ 5.17 Cr
Love Today Day 11 Collection [2nd Monday]₹ 1.44 Cr
Love Today Day 12 Collection [2nd Tuesday]₹ 1.27 Cr
Love Today Day 13 Collection [2nd Wednesday]₹ 1.3 Cr
Love Today Day 14 Collection [2nd Thursday]₹ 1.27 Cr
Love Today Week 2 Collection₹ 18.09 Cr
Love Today Day 15 Collection [3rd Friday]₹ 1.35 Cr
Love Today Day 16 Collection [3rd Saturday]₹ 2.8 Cr
Love Today Day 17 Collection [3rd Sunday]₹ 2.75 Cr
Love Today Day 18 Collection [3rd Monday]₹ 0.82 Cr [Ta: 0.82 Cr ]
Love Today Day 19 Collection [3rd Tuesday]₹ 0.7 Cr [Ta: 0.7 Cr ]
Love Today Day 20 Collection [3rd Wednesday]₹ 0.61 Cr [Ta: 0.61 Cr ]
Love Today Day 21 Collection [3rd Thursday]₹ 0.69 Cr [Ta: 0.69 Cr ]
Love Today Week 3 Collection₹ 9.72 Cr [Ta: 9.72 Cr ; Te: 0]
Love Today Day 22 Collection [4th Friday]₹ 2.44 Cr [Ta: 0.56 Cr ; Te: 1.88]
Love Today Day 23 Collection [4th Saturday]₹ 3.04 Cr [Ta: 0.94 Cr ; Te: 2.1 Cr]
Love Today Day 24 Collection [4th Sunday]₹ 3.1 Cr [Ta: 1 Cr ; Te: 2.1]
Love Today Day 25 Collection [4th Monday]₹ 1.34 Cr [Ta: 0.34 Cr ; Te: 1]
Love Today Day 26 Collection [4th Tuesday]₹ 1.2 Cr [Ta: 0.35 Cr ; Te: 0.85]
Love Today Day 27 Collection [4th Wednesday]₹ 1.1 Cr [Ta: 0.37 Cr ; Te: 0.73 Cr]
Love Today Day 28 Collection [4th Thursday]₹ 1.00 Cr * early estimates
Total₹ 62.77 Cr

Love Today Total Box Office Collection Report: India/World Wide Gross

Overseas Collection₹ 5 Cr
India Gross Collection₹ 72.51 Cr
India Net Collection₹ 61.77 Cr
Worldwide Collection₹ 77.51 Cr

Love Today 28 Days Occupancy in Theaters

Love Today had an overall 12.49% Tamil Occupancy on Thursday, December 01, 2022.

Here are the Day-wise Occupancy reports:

1st Day37.18%
2nd Day53.74%
3rd Day63.26%
4th Day25.68%
5th Day26.97%
6th Day23.98%
7th Day20.49%
8th Day26.86%
9th Day50.04%
10th Day54.17%
11th Day17.31%
12th Day15.49%
13th Day15.49%
14th Day14.55%
15th Day19.25%
16th Day34.28%
17th Day34.94%
18th Day12.04%
19th Day12.00%
20th Day11.51%
21th Day12.41%
22nd Day21.73%
23rd Day32.57%
24th Day31.30%
25th Day13.02%
26th Day13.64%
27th Day13.34%
28th Day12.49%

Love Today Day 28 Tamil (2D) Occupancy in Theaters Show Wise

Morning Shows10.37%
Afternoon Shows11.86%
Evening Shows14.31%
Night Shows13.41%
Over All12.49%

Love Today Day 28 Tamil Occupancy in main regions


Love Today Total Screen

Love Today Movie is running on -+ screens approx on the first day. The screening list is given below:

Worldwide Total-+

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