Liger First, Second Day Advance Booking Report

Liger Advance Booking Report – Liger First, Second Day Advance Booking Details & Liger Online Booking Process & prices.

Liger Advance Booking Report

Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Pandey’s upcoming film ‘Liger’ is in a lot of discussion these days. Through this film, Vijay Deverakonda is all set to debut in Bollywood. At the same time, Ananya Pandey is making her debut in South through this film. Through this film, Vijay Deverakonda will become a pan India star. At this time the advance booking of Vijay and Ananya Pandey’s film ‘Liger’ has started. Meanwhile, # Boycott Liger is trending on Twitter. So let’s know how much this film has earned so far in advance booking.

Liger Advance Booking Report: Summary

Name of MovieLiger (2022)
Movie Hindi Nameरक्षाबंधन
Release Dates25 Aug 2022
GenresRomance, Sports
RatingU (India)
CastAnanya Pandey, Vijay Devarakonda
Directed byPuri Jagannadh
Written byPuri Jagannadh
Produced byKaran Johar
Puri Jagannadh
Charmme Kaur
Apoorva Mehta
Hiroo Yash Johar
Music byScore: Sunil Kashyap Songs: Vikram Montrose Tanishk Bagchi Lijo George-DJ Chetas Sunil Kashyap Jaani
Running time140 minutes
Budget₹ 125 Cr (Estimated)

The advance booking of Liger, which is releasing in the theaters on August 25 in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages, is going on in full swing. Seeing the advance booking of the film, it seems that Liger can create a ruckus in theatres. Directed by Puri Jagannath, the film has just four days left to hit the theaters. Keeping in mind the Telugu audience in terms of advance booking, more emphasis is being given on the film’s earnings in Hyderabad.

Liger 2nd Day Advance Booking Gross

Telugu: 1.01 Cr [53126 tickets sold] / 1.70 Cr if include block seats

Hindi: 36L [16981 tickets sold] / 93L if include block seats

Tamil: 26K [200 tickets sold] / 1.25L if include block seats

Total second-day gross: 1.37 Cr Gross

Day Wise Advance Booking Gross

Day 1: 6.92 Cr * not final

Day 2: 1.37 Cr * not final

Note: Data without block seats.

Liger 1st Day Advance Booking Gross

According to media reports, Liger has sold 34 thousand tickets so far within the first 24 hours, which is considered to be a good record so far. Talking about the Telugu version, the film has so far collected Rs 60 lakh from the advance booking of the first day.

Telugu: 3.66 Cr [199938 tickets sold]

Hindi: 12L [5083 tickets sold] / 25L if include block seats [Premiere]

Tamil: 1L [723 tickets sold] / 3.5L if include block seats [Premiere]

Total first-day gross: 3.79 Cr Gross

Note: Data without block seats.

Note: Block Seats means you can not book these tickets online and you have to go to theatres to book personally. Most of the online shows have a few block seats always due to some reasons.

Liger (Telugu) (2D) Second Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Hyderabad98.9 Lac24%39971113
Bengaluru5.66 Lac3%15001
Chennai1.37 Lac16%26016
Vijayawada5.01 Lac17%5369
Warangal5.07 Lac15%4905
Guntur2.29 Lac19%2424
Vizag-Visakhapatnam11.41 Lac21%86019
Nizamabad2.64 Lac26%1423
National Capital Region (NCR)57.33 K2%5200
Mumbai31.3 K3%2100
Karimnagar87.7 K6%1300
Mahbubnagar60.75 K9%800
Kakinada1.5 Lac27%1305
Rajamahendravaram (Rajahmundry3.28 Lac28%26311
Nellore1.14 Lac8%1900
Tirupati95.11 K10%1700

Liger (Hindi) (2D) Second Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Mumbai18.22 Lac5%462011
National Capital Region (NCR)13.98 Lac3%53000
Pune3.97 Lac4%15101
Bengaluru6.3 K2%200
Hyderabad1.44 Lac12%1311
Kolkata3.21 Lac2%16900
Ahmedabad2.79 Lac4%18601
Chennai12.26 K12%410
Surat1.43 Lac3%9400
Jaipur7.15 Lac11%9605
Chandigarh1.12 Lac3%5400
Bhopal33.59 K3%2700
Lucknow1.75 Lac3%9000
Kanpur91.87 K3%5400
Nagpur1.25 Lac2%8000
Vadodara1.28 Lac2%14200
Ludhiana31.31 K1%2500
Agra8.25 K0%2400
Nashik12.04 K2%1300
Rajkot1.01 Lac15%2001
Jabalpur4.93 K0%1700
Jamshedpur6 K0%1000
Prayagraj (Allahabad)94.16 K6%1901
Amritsar1.1 Lac13%2000
Indore1.76 Lac4%5101
Raipur1.82 Lac8%4700
Bhubaneswar1.86 Lac6%5200
Aurangabad42.97 K2%2900
Solapur2.16 K1%200
Ranchi53.85 K2%3600
Guwahati98.98 K5%3801
Gwalior22.05 K3%1600
Jodhpur22.97 K2%1900
Dehradun10.49 K1%1400
Jalandhar1.01 Lac6%2502
Kota38.51 K3%2300
Patna1.14 Lac13%2305
Gandhinagar17.8 K2%2600
Jamnagar55.86 K4%2700

Liger (Tamil) (2D) Second Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Chennai90.18 K11%1714
Vellore9.68 K2%602
Dindigul9.6 K7%400
Trichy15.4 K5%800
National Capital Region (NCR)00%100

Liger (Telugu) (2D) First Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Hyderabad2.49 Cr52%527247153
Bengaluru20.92 Lac8%259314
Chennai2.75 Lac17%30010
Vijayawada9.47 Lac31%501020
Warangal17.18 Lac54%511512
Guntur1.52 Lac25%1001
Vizag-Visakhapatnam35 Lac64%923827
Nizamabad4 Lac36%1550
National Capital Region (NCR)1.21 Lac3%18703
Mumbai6.37 Lac7%16001
Karimnagar3.02 Lac20%1905
Mahbubnagar4.22 Lac47%1506
Kakinada1.79 Lac38%1005
Rajamahendravaram (Rajahmundry5.19 Lac61%1959
Nellore2.94 Lac19%20010
Tirupati3.82 Lac48%1518

Liger (Hindi) (2D) First Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Mumbai4.83 Lac11%5922
National Capital Region (NCR)4.19 Lac9%7314
Pune1.9 Lac11%2100
Bengaluru45.3 K10%500
Hyderabad96.85 K38%403
Kolkata1.04 Lac6%2100
Ahmedabad1.42 Lac11%2701
Surat78.7 K11%1301
Jaipur1.34 Lac13%1501
Chandigarh41.66 K13%601
Bhopal22.11 K6%900
Lucknow63.26 K8%1301
Kanpur15.75 K6%500
Nagpur22.97 K7%500
Vadodara43.02 K5%1800
Ludhiana27.68 K7%501
Agra16.6 K2%600
Nashik24.91 K3%1000
Rajkot73.58 K31%301
Jamshedpur5.2 K7%100
Prayagraj (Allahabad)27.27 K12%301
Amritsar8.24 K8%300
Indore32.32 K8%500
Raipur35.67 K10%700
Bhubaneswar35.61 K10%400
Aurangabad24.56 K6%800
Solapur2.4 K10%100
Ranchi20.74 K5%400
Guwahati26.67 K12%401
Gwalior7.05 K6%200
Jodhpur12.94 K14%200
Dehradun7.4 K7%300
Jalandhar27.64 K9%400
Kota4.96 K3%300
Patna8.5 K10%100
Gandhinagar12.17 K7%400
Jamnagar5.75 K5%300

Liger (Tamil) (2D) First Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Chennai3.17 Lac13%45010
Coimbatore6.11 K9%100
Trivandrum1.1 K0%600
Mumbai19.12 K3%1600
National Capital Region (NCR)7.05 K7%400

Liger Online Ticket Booking & Price

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  2. After Select your city / Place / Zone
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  4. Click on the row and the seats you want to book.
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About Liger Movie

Liger is an upcoming Indian sports action film written and directed by Puri Jagannadh. Shot simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu languages, the film is produced by Dharma Productions and Puri Connects. Vijay Deverakonda stars as the titular MMA fighter boxer alongside Ananya Panday, Ramya Krishna and Ronit Roy in pivotal roles. American boxer Mike Tyson plays an extended cameo, thus making his acting debut in Indian cinema.

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