Dream11 Prize Money List | Dream11 Rank Wise Money List (Mega contest Amount)

Dream11 Prize Money List: हम हमारे पाठकों की मांगों और टिप्पणियों पर आधारित Dream11 पुरस्कार धनराशि सूची के बारे में चर्चा शुरू कर रहे हैं। इस भारतीय विषय के बारे में और अधिक जानने के लिए पढ़ते रहें।

Dream11 is one of the most popular fantasy sports platforms in India. It allows users to create their virtual teams for various sports such as cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, and hockey. Dream11 has become famous not only because of its unique concept of virtual team building but also due to its impressive prize money. In this article, we will discuss the Dream11 Prize Money list.

Dream11 Prize Money List

2023 IPL : Dream 11 Rank wise money (amount ) list: Here is the amount of prize money for the Dram11 Mega Contest 2021. If you placed 220th to 223rd in the competition, you will receive ₹ 4,312 (four thousand three hundred twelve rupees) as your reward.

You can download the Dram11 app in three ways. Firstly, by visiting the Dram11. com on your desktop or mobile browser. Secondly, by entering your mobile number to receive the download link. And thirdly, by downloading it from an app store.

Fantasy platforms like Dream11 deduct their commission and distribute the remaining funds collected through entry fees among the winners. The commission is dependent on the particular fantasy platform.

Dream11 Rank Wise Money full list 2023

Dream11 has announced the prize money for their 2023 competition. The top-ranked player will receive a reward of Rs. 2 crore, while the second-best player will get Rs. 1.5 crore. The third-ranked player will be given Rs. 30 lakh, the fourth will get Rs. 10 lakh, and the fifth will be awarded Rs. 5 lakh. The sixth-ranked player will receive a prize of Rs. 4.5 lakh, and the players who rank between 7 and 9 will receive Rs. 1 lakh each. Finally, players who rank between 9 and 14 will be awarded Rs. 50,000 each.

RankPrize Money (INR)
1₹ 1 crore
2₹ 15 Lakhs
3-4₹ 3.25 lakhs
5-7₹ 1 Lakhs
8-10₹ 50 Thousands
11-118₹ 9,500

Dream11 mega contest today

Entry Price49rs
1st Rank Prize1cr money
Maximum Team Size11
Winning GuaranteeYes
Winning Percentage69%

ड्रीम11 विजेताओं की सूची 2023 क्या है || ड्रीम 11 2 करोड़ विजेता सूची

RankPrize Money (INR)

Dream11 Winner Name: Agnimitram Dream11 Winner Level: 97

Player NameFantasy Points
A0 (T6)

Highest Fantasy Points by Dream11 Winners Today:

Dream11 Winner NameFantasy Points

Bonus Points:

  • 8 bonus points for taking wicket by LBW or Bowled
  • 4 bonus points for taking three wickets in a single match.

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