Bhediya Eighth Day Advance Booking Report

Bhediya Advance Booking Report Day 8 (Eighth Day)/ Bhediya Online Ticket Booking: Bhediya (2022) Movie advance booking started on 18 November 2022 and you can book film tickets online from Bookmyshow’s Official Website and App. We will update the complete information about Bhediya movie advance booking report and how to book online tickets given below.

Bhediya Advance Booking Report

The censor board has granted the Varun starrer a UA certificate with a permitted duration of 2 hours, 36 minutes, or 156 minutes. One week before to the film’s debut, on November 19, Saturday, advance bookings for the film were made available.

The advance booking of the Bhediya movie has started now let us see that before the release of Bhediya movie we see the advance booking figures.

Bhediya Seventh Day Advance Booking Report

Name of MovieBhediya भेड़िया (2022)
Release Dates25 Nov 2022 (India)
CastDeepak Dobriyal, Kriti Sanon, Varun Dhawan
DirectorAmar Kaushik
Running time 2 hrs 36 mins
GenresComedy, Horror, Thriller
RatingU/A (India)

Bhediya Seventh Day Advance Booking Gross

LanguageFormatGrossTickets SoldATP
All India5727709 [57.28 Lac]29463

Bhediya (3D) (Hindi) Seventh Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]OccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Mumbai4.9 Lac [15.47 Lac]7%38115
National Capital Region (NCR)6.28 Lac [16.7 Lac]6%438016
Pune1.97 Lac [4.52 Lac]7%14300
Bengaluru80.03 K [4.05 Lac]4%15901
Hyderabad3.16 Lac [7.2 Lac]7%143014
Kolkata97.34 K [3.34 Lac]3%16700
Ahmedabad59.24 K [2 Lac]4%9701
Chennai70.2 K [1.18 Lac]18%23018
Surat25.4 K [1.11 Lac]4%5100
Jaipur32.65 K [1.98 Lac]5%6700
Chandigarh3.78 Lac [4.59 Lac]15%5450
Bhopal5.23 K [42.12 K]2%4300
Lucknow20.76 K [2.36 Lac]5%9001
Kanpur10.4 K [58.64 K]3%2700
Nagpur79.05 K [1.24 Lac]6%4110
Vadodara17.15 K [1.02 Lac]3%6600
Ludhiana3.69 K [51.88 K]5%2300
Agra3 K [23.99 K]4%1900
Nashik39.7 K [82.64 K]6%1700
Varanasi30.09 K [92.85 K]8%1500
Rajkot10.99 K [14.48 K]3%1000
Jabalpur2.25 K [4.03 K]0%1400
Jamshedpur3.58 K [4.38 K]0%1300
Prayagraj (Allahabad)9.33 K [13.18 K]3%900
Amritsar2.35 K [33.89 K]3%3100
Indore29.92 K [1.48 Lac]7%3902
Raipur11.03 K [59.81 K]4%2700
Bhubaneswar34.31 K [62.58 K]3%3000
Aurangabad25.14 K [60.2 K]4%3600
Solapur0 [8 K]1%800
Ranchi11.06 K [52.06 K]4%2000
Guwahati12.68 K [68.71 K]4%2702
Gwalior2.46 K [31.8 K]4%1700
Jodhpur2.42 K [27.46 K]5%1300
Dehradun18.13 K [42.3 K]6%2300
Jalandhar1.67 K [51.66 K]6%2200
Kota13.51 K [41.37 K]3%2000
Patna2.32 Lac [3.04 Lac]28%1405
Gandhinagar982 [23.19 K]2%2200
Bhavnagar2.6 K [2.6 K]0%1000
Jamnagar12.6 K [62.22 K]6%1700

Bhediya (Hindi) (2D) Seventh Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]OccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Mumbai2.18 Lac [6.24 Lac]7%20026
National Capital Region (NCR)2.57 Lac [6.75 Lac]7%243311
Pune1.16 Lac [3.02 Lac]8%10417
Bengaluru12.27 K [56.61 K]4%2200
Hyderabad75.48 K [1.6 Lac]12%2705
Kolkata35.61 K [1.06 Lac]3%8100
Ahmedabad62.49 K [1.86 Lac]4%20305
Chennai363 [4.79 K]15%100
Surat57.26 K [2.32 Lac]7%10905
Jaipur1.61 Lac [3.03 Lac]8%5403
Chandigarh4.12 K [45.61 K]4%3400
Bhopal1.89 K [14.1 K]2%2600
Lucknow14.39 K [1.42 Lac]4%7000
Kanpur5.44 K [19.85 K]2%3700
Nagpur12.62 K [31.39 K]3%2300
Vadodara13.13 K [84.63 K]3%7401
Ludhiana8.46 K [64.02 K]9%2501
Agra130 [11.03 K]0%3100
Nashik13.55 K [33.93 K]3%1700
Varanasi9.51 K [45.9 K]5%1600
Rajkot16.25 K [1.23 Lac]13%1701
Jabalpur703 [1.7 K]0%1100
Jamshedpur501 [1.36 K]1%400
Prayagraj (Allahabad)4.4 K [9.32 K]1%1600
Amritsar600 [9.75 K]3%1400
Indore22.63 K [1.22 Lac]8%3101
Raipur14.62 K [84.49 K]10%2400
Bhubaneswar3.02 K [11.27 K]5%600
Aurangabad4.68 K [8.57 K]1%2100
Solapur0 [11.2 K]8%200
Ranchi8.48 K [25.92 K]2%2200
Guwahati21.7 K [45.46 K]8%2010
Gwalior1.33 K [20.41 K]5%1000
Jodhpur1.7 K [10.4 K]1%800
Dehradun21 K [37.9 K]3%2901
Jalandhar1.8 K [22.46 K]7%1000
Kota2.89 K [12.61 K]4%1100
Patna8.91 K [9.12 K]1%1700
Gandhinagar2.51 K [17.74 K]2%1701
Bhavnagar1.19 K [1.19 K]0%600
Jamnagar2.09 K [13.2 K]3%1000

Thodelu (Bhediya) (3D Telugu) Seventh Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]OccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Hyderabad2.44 Lac [2.62 Lac]32%1000
Vijayawada0 [5.44 K]1%1200
Warangal555 [555 ]0%600
Guntur0 [0 ]0%400
Vizag-Visakhapatnam19.16 K [29.33 K]2%1400
Nizamabad0 [9.36 K]6%200
Karimnagar0 [880 ]2%100
Kakinada4.32 K [4.7 K]3%800
Rajamahendravaram (Rajahmundry0 [0 ]0%400
Nellore0 [0 ]0%200
Tirupati809 [1.16 K]0%400

Thodelu (Bhediya) (Telugu) (2D) Seventh Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGross [With Block Seats]OccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Hyderabad8.85 K [1.89 Lac]26%1704
Vijayawada1.11 K [12.09 K]1%1100
Warangal0 [0 ]0%100
Karimnagar0 [0 ]0%400
Kakinada336 [3.7 K]7%300
Nellore0 [0 ]0%400

Budget and screen counts for Bhediya

A 60 crore money is estimated to have gone towards its production. In the domestic market, 2500–3000 screens are anticipated to be taken up by it. However, it could draw more viewers with the release of Tamil and Telugu.

The box office debut of Varun’s most recent movie, Jug Jugg Jeeyo, was over 9 crores. This was followed by a respectable weekend gross of 37 crores.

Bhediya Online Ticket Booking & Price

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About Bhediya Movie

Amar Kaushik will soon release the comedy-horror movie Bhediya in India. Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon are the stars of the Dinesh Vijan-produced film. On November 25, 2022, the third chapter of Vijan’s horror-comedy series will be released.

Story Line: Bhediya, which is set in the captivating woods of Arunachal, tells the tale of Bhaskar, a man who is bitten by a mythological wolf and starts to change into the animal himself. A lot of surprises, turns, and hilarity happen as Bhaskar and his motley crew of friends search for the answers.

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